Home Design Tv Shows In The Uk: The Ultimate Guide For 2023

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Home design TV shows have become increasingly popular in the UK over the years, providing viewers with inspiration and ideas for their own homes. From interior design makeovers to home renovation projects, these shows offer a glimpse into the world of home design and renovation. In this article, we will explore some of the top home design TV shows in the UK in 2023, giving you an overview of what to expect and where to tune in.

1. “Grand Designs”

One of the most iconic home design TV shows in the UK is “Grand Designs”. Hosted by Kevin McCloud, this show follows ambitious self-builders as they embark on extraordinary architectural projects. Each episode showcases the challenges and triumphs of creating unique and innovative homes.

2. “The Great Interior Design Challenge”

If you are looking for interior design inspiration, “The Great Interior Design Challenge” is a must-watch. This competition-style show features amateur designers who transform homes within a limited budget and time frame. The contestants are judged by industry experts, offering valuable tips and insights along the way.

3. “Escape to the Country”

For those dreaming of a peaceful rural life, “Escape to the Country” is the perfect show. Each episode follows prospective buyers as they search for their ideal countryside retreat. The show also showcases stunning landscapes and offers valuable insights into the property market.

4. “Amazing Spaces”

“Amazing Spaces” is all about unique and unconventional homes. Hosted by George Clarke, this show explores the transformation of small and unusual spaces into functional and inspiring living areas. From converted buses to treehouses, every episode is filled with innovative ideas.

5. “Love Your Garden”

Hosted by Alan Titchmarsh, “Love Your Garden” focuses on transforming neglected outdoor spaces into beautiful gardens. The show offers expert gardening advice, design tips, and heartwarming stories as the team surprises deserving individuals with stunning garden makeovers.

6. “DIY SOS: The Big Build”

“DIY SOS: The Big Build” is all about community spirit and helping those in need. The show follows a team of builders and volunteers as they transform the homes of families facing difficult circumstances. It’s a heartwarming show that showcases the power of home renovation.

7. “Property Brothers: Forever Home”

Originally from Canada, the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, bring their expertise to the UK in “Property Brothers: Forever Home”. The show focuses on transforming houses into the perfect forever homes, providing viewers with valuable design and renovation ideas.

8. “Your Home Made Perfect”

“Your Home Made Perfect” takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to help homeowners visualize their dream homes. Using virtual reality, architects present design options to clients, allowing them to make informed decisions about their home renovations.

9. “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”

If you are fascinated by architectural wonders from around the world, “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” is a must-watch. Hosted by Caroline Quentin and Piers Taylor, this show explores unique and breathtaking homes in various locations, offering inspiration for your own home design.

10. “Restoration Home”

“Restoration Home” follows the journey of homeowners as they restore historic properties to their former glory. This show delves into the history of each property and showcases the challenges and rewards of preserving architectural heritage.


These home design TV shows in the UK provide a wealth of inspiration, tips, and ideas for anyone interested in home design and renovation. Whether you are looking for interior design inspiration, garden makeovers, or architectural wonders, there is a show that caters to your interests. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and tune in to these captivating home design TV shows.